The Start of the 2019/2020 Season

The Start of the 2019 Season


The 2019 season for Palm Beach Crew is underway. This is the club's fourth year of existence. The team has a young and experienced group of rowers who will represent the team, and succeed on and off the water. There are around 19 new rowers to join the experienced returning team, and in the first week alone, the entire team is looking promising! 

With our first regatta in a month and a half, check out the regattas tab to check out the upcoming races.

Palm Beach Crew | States Review

Hello! Welcome to the new Palm Beach Crew blog! The old website needed a lot of work, so our programmer, Kent Waxman, got to work with renovating the functions and look of the site from scratch. 

To conclude what was our first ever season as Palm Beach Crew, the entire team shocked the FSRA Championships in both sweep and sculling. Before the races, only a few teams heard about us. Palm Beach Crew was the newest team at both the FSRA (Florida Scholastic Rowing Association) Sweeping Championships, and the FSRA Sculling Championships. The team accomplished exactly what our coach, Dr. Susan Saint Sing, hoped for from the first day we held practices. Throughout the fall and spring seasons, Palm Beach Crew established their dominance in the few events that they entered in. However, these all led up to the FSRA championships in April of 2017. This was the Palm Beach Crew's and some rower's first ever state championship. Below are the results from the championships:

FSRA Sculling Championships

  • Girls Junior Single (L. Meyaart): 6th place in the Grand Finals; 6th place in the state

  • Girls Lightweight Single (E. Jensen): 4th place in the Petite Finals; 10th place in the state

  • Boys Lightweight Single (A. Bereck): 6th place in the Petite Finals; 12th place in the state

  • Mens Lightweight Quad (B. Garelick) : 2nd place in the Petite Finals; 8th place in the state

  • Girls Varsity Quad (G. Baldwin): 7th place in the Grand Finals; 7th place in the state

  • Boys Junior Double (B. Hasbach): 5th place in the Petite Finals; 11th place in the state

  • Boys Lightweight Double (D. Hinton): 7th place in Heat; 13th place in the state

FSRA Sweeping Championships

  • Boys Lightweight Eight (V. Hariharan): 5th place in Grand Final; 5th place in the state

Overall, this was an outstanding effort put on display by a team that started with little to no resources, to now placing mostly in the Grand and Petite Finals at the state championship. Now, all Palm Beach Crew can do is just get better, faster, and establish Palm Beach Crew as the team to beat for everyone else.

This was a great end to the season and only time will tell what's in store for Palm Beach Crew next year.


Click the button below to look through some of the videos and pictures from the 2016-17 season:

- Palm Beach Crew

Palm Beach Crew Joins 'Birdies for Children' Fundraiser

Palm Beach Crew takes a swing at The Honda Classic's Charity, 'Birdies for Children'

A week before the season starts, Palm Beach Crew decided to partake in the 'Birdies for Children' Fundraiser hosted by The Honda Classic.

This fundraiser, which Palm Beach Crew is part of, accepts donations from those who wish to donate to the team, and in return, the program will then allow you to guess the total number of birdies that will be made by the entire field in all four rounds of the 2020Honda Classic. Palm Beach Crew would receive 110% from each donation for the team through the program. 

This website has a page where you can learn more about the 'Birdies for Children' fundraiser, what you can receive from it, and what the team would receive from each donation and from the program as a whole. To view our page, please click the 'View BFC Page' button below. If you are already convinced, then please click the 'go to the fundraiser!' button below. 

Palm Beach Crew thanks you for your donations, and we wish you happy guessing!

The New Palm Beach Crew

New Boats, New Home, New Future.

During the month of June, Palm Beach Crew became a renowned hub for newcomers looking for a sport in North Palm Beach. At our National Learn to Row Day, over 10 new prospects were delighted to see that they have finally found a sport that they could potentially continue in the Fall of 2019. Palm Beach Crew held the Learn to Row Day at our new site at Anchorage Park in North Palm Beach, Fl. Following that, they had a Novice Rowing Camp, where novice rowers were taken under the wing by varsity rowers.

Palm Beach Crew also conducted Open Rows following the camps. These had extremely beneficial turnouts with over 20 kids, both new and returning, coming out to row at the new site at Anchorage Park. The Open Row was exciting, informative, and promising for the next generation of Palm Beach Crew's leaders. So far, the camps conducted were all successful, and we remain optimistic for the camps that follow! If you want to schedule a summer camp, please click the button below to join.