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Our Mission

Palm Beach Crew's mission is to increase access to our waterways by paddle sports and other non-motorized activities and to provide the opportunities, equipment and facilities for our membership to participate in competitive and recreational rowing events throughout the region. We promote high school and collegiate rowing in the area and are a consortium of multiple schools. At the end of the day, it’s all about having a good time out on the water. Come join Palm Beach Crew and see for yourself!

Our Fundamentals

We are Palm Beach Crew. A 501 (c)(3) non-profit rowing club rooted in the desire to share the joys of learning to row by teaching young people to build healthy minds and bodies through the personal and physical challenge of team sport. Our program includes U23 and Junior Rowing, which is collegiate and high school varsity and novice class athletes. Successful rowers develop a deep practical understanding of the power of teamwork. They will understand that even individual success requires a strong team around them. As they learn to build and perform as a team, and they learn to deal with the common speed bumps in life hat impede teamwork. Rowers learn a kind of mental discipline that strengthens them in any endeavor they may undertake.

PB Crew Fleet

Vespoli is our manufacture of choice.  Our fleet includes:

  • 2012 V1 EM8+ Demo - White
  • 2015 Ultralight II VHP 4x - White
  • 2015 VHP 30 2X/- Demo - White
  • 2015 Matrix 26 Single - Black
  • 2005 Kaschper 2X - White
  • 2004 Filippi 4X - Yellow

Palm Beach Crew's fleet consists of the newest and the fastest of the carbon Vespoli VPdesign.   Our core racing shells include a sleek and very light mid-weight single, a double—this double was used at the US 2016 Olympic Trials—a 2 year-oldmid-weight eight that won the Junior nationals, and a quad.  The quad is the newest 39 VP and is the same design model that the Canadian Men’s Olympic team chose to row at the 2016 Rio Olympics!

We are using Concept 2 sculls and sweep with an order of Dreher sculls on the horizon.  Additionally, we are currently looking for training singles and a second round of boat purchases.  With this state of the art fleet all our crews are ready to compete and train hard.

At Palm Beach Crew, we are non-profit Florida corporation (Tax ID 81-2768280). Currently we are applying for our 501(c)(3) status and have gained our approval to solicit for contributions through the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.  

Palm Beach Crew has 3 non paid Board members with every club member having a right to vote.  We hold our board and parent/junior meetings monthly on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 7pm with the location announced on our TeamApp (link below).

For more information you can also find us on our Palm Beach Crew Team App.






2100 Cove Lane

North Palm Beach, Fl 33408



M-Th 5p–7p
Sa 8a-11a
Su closed


Look good physically and on resumes.

For beginners, or "novice" rowers, the physical work looks challenging and displeasuring. This is common in new rowers, and it is normal. While they are attempting to complete the workouts, they are learning without even knowing that they are. What are they learning? Dedication. Come "regatta season" in the late fall and start of spring, the novices will have been training for four months to compete in a race that lasts around seven minutes. No matter where they pass the finishing line, their dedication slowly starts to awaken. They will physically start to see that they are in shape, and the workouts will be getting easier and are more rewarding. At this point, their dedication to the sport has flourished beyond their belief. Once they prove that they are capable of being great rowers, their novice year(s) are over. Lo and behold, the struggling beginner with thoughts of quitting is now rewarded a varsity spot on the team. 

Rowing is a significant boost towards college. Nothing is more blissful to a college when seeing someone excel in all areas of study, and especially having a significant role on a crew team. Statistically shown, colleges offer as much rowing scholarships and grants as any other big sport- such as football. Rowing also has an extensive history as being one of the oldest traditions and sport in the history of the world. Today, colleges have been accustomed to the sport's existence. Respectful colleges use rowing to show the carrying of the school's history through the present. As a respected sport, colleges want diverse and cheerful rowers to be on their team. Diversity is a big indicator on why colleges scout in Florida. Rowing is extremely popular in the Northeast region of the US, and they want diverse people from all over the country. Palm Beach Crew is in the radar of many colleges looking to recruit for their team. If a rower is willing to do the work at practices and regattas, then Palm Beach Crew will teach everything else needed to be acknowledged by good colleges, and teach the skills that could be used for rowing later in life.

At Palm Beach Crew you will be coached by the best of the best.

Palm Beach Crew was founded in May 2016.  Our head coach, Dr. Susan Saint Sing, has coached 9 national medal winning teams, one Pan American gold medal winner, 2 senior world team athletes, 1 junior world team athlete, 1 Paralympic boat qualified, multiple state and regional championships. Susan's coaching has encompassed elite, college, and Junior racing, both sweep and scull. She holds a Ph.D.—The Pennsylvania State University, Sport History and Philosophy, Dept. of Kinesiology, an M.Ed., summa cum laude—University of Cincinnati - Health and Nutrition Science, Exercise Physiology and a B.A., cum laude—The Pennsylvania State University, GNAS in Physical Education and Fine Art.

Some of Susan's most recent work experience included:

  1. 2012-2016—Head Coach North Palm Beach Rowing Club
  2. 2015-2016—Head Coach Palm Beach Atlantic University Rowing
  3. 2015 – U.S. World Rowing Team member and coach to the World Rowing Championships, France
  4. 2009 - 2012—Research in Harvard University Archives, Boston MA.  Research at the British Museum and the Lambeth Palace Libraries, London.   Motivational speaking and writing.  Head Coach,  Stetson University Rowing.
  5. 2004 - 08—Book writing and research. United States Naval Academy. 
  6. Research work awarded at the International Olympic Committee Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland.

She has published a multitude of poems, music, newspaper and magazine articles, papers, books as well as been asked to guest lectures and provide workshops. In May 2010 Susan gave the commencement address at Pennsylvania State University. 

We are very excited and proud to have such a distinguished asset as our Head Coach at Palm Beach Crew!


Sponsors Recognition and Opportunities

Palm Beach Crew is a non-profit club supporting and building a strong Junior Rowing program, one that will inspire to aspire our Juniors to hopefully one day row as a Master.

How can you be an "Oars In" sponsor? 

$10,000    Henley Platinum Sponsor

·      Prominent company logo on all event banners, uniforms

·      Company name on 8 boat

·      Prominent company logo on Palm Beach Crew Team App and website

·      Prominent display of company sign on Palm Beach Crew team grounds

·      Full page, full color premium position ad on our Team App and Website and any official PBC Regatta Program

·      Company name mentioned in press releases and announcements

·      Exhibitor table space at home regattas to share your company’s information


$5,000      Head of the Charles Gold Sponsor

·      Company logo on all event banners, uniforms

·      Company name on quad boat

·      Prominent company logo on Palm Beach Crew Team App and website

·      Prominent display of company sign on the PBC team grounds

·      Half Page ad on our Team App and Website

·      Company name mentioned in press releases and announcements


$2,500      Head of the Hooch Silver Sponsor

·      Company name on all event banners, uniforms

·      Company name on 2x boat

·      Company logo on Palm Beach Crew Team App and Website

·      Quarter page add on our Palm Beach Crew Team App and Website

·      Company name mentioned in press releases and announcements


$1,000      Head of the Giblet Bronze Sponsor

·      Company name on Single for one year OR seat naming for 4 years

·      Logo on our Team App and Website

·      Company name mentioned in press releases and announcements



$500         "Oars In!" Friends Sponsor

·      Contributions will be used to fund:

o   Racing oars

o   Life jackets

o   Slings: Swift or Wintech or Vespoli

o   2 sets of low boys...can be made out of pvc pipe to rest boats on

o   2 Large Tents 10x10

o   2 Custom Banners

o   2 Flags

o   4 Folding 6’ tables

o   6 stretch tight nylon table covers

o   Grill

o   Ice Chest


Just want to donate?


Our Sponsors who keep us "A Float"

We would like to thank the following for unwavering support and sponsorship.  These kind people and organizations are "Oars In" and help keep us afloat and on the water...We are forever grateful....

Palm Beach Crew Rowing

Fantastic Summer camp comprised of both Varsity and Novice Rowers

Palm Beach Crew in Action!



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