PBC Packs up for Hurricane Irma

PBC Packs up for Hurricane Irma

Pre Hurricane Update:

With Hurricane Irma charging towards Florida, all of South Florida is preparing for the resulting wreckage. Palm Beach Crew, acting accordingly, started storm preparations by de-rigging boats, organizing equipment, and packing the trailer before it moves over to the Baldwin Prep school for storage. On behalf of Palm Beach Crew, we thank the Baldwin family for being generous enough to let us store the boats in the school during the hurricane!

Post Hurricane Update:

Hurricane Irma has passed, and Palm Beach Crew is ready to unload the boats and continue training right from where we left off. Again, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to the Baldwin family and the Baldwin Prep School for allowing us to shelter our boats.

With these setbacks behind us, now we work! 

go PBC!